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My forebear Tom Mix with his horse Tony
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  • As the consulting principal of Mixrun, I serve as a consulting CTO for a range of projects and organizations. My work spans a broad area including technology, strategy/planning, management, facilitation, financial forecasting and implementation. My focus is on developing technology systems grounded with values of transparency, flexibility and community.

  • As of January 2012, I am back with Mixrun, though only part-time. I continue to act as a consulting adviser to the US Department of Education in a part-time capacity, helping to further the work of Learning Registry, Race to the Top and Race to the Top Assessment. I'm grateful to the Department for their continued support by allowing me to serve while relocating full-time back to my true home in California. I am now working with a few other companies, under the auspice of Mixrun and unrelated to my work with the US Department of Education. I helped Mozilla on their badges project. I taught a class down at Stanford and one at NYU recently. And I work with a number of commercial and non-profit organizations. From May to June 2012, I served on the California Department of Education's Education Technology Task Force, which was tasked to create an education technology plan, based on the National Education Tech Plan I contributed to while in DC.

  • From May 2010 to January 2012, I took a second leave from Mixrun to continue working in the Federal government, this time as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education, acting as the Deputy Director for Education Technology. My work was focused on helping the education sector during its transition from primarly print-based classrooms to much more digitally-intensive learning environments. This involved a lot of work on a project called the Learning Registry, which is designed to make federal educational content available in an integrated manner to the public. While at the FCC, we made several recommendations along these lines. It was actually a pleasant experience to eat my own dog food by helping to implement those recommendations.

  • From August 2009 to March 2010, I took a leave from Mixrun to serve as Director of Education for the National Broadband Plan run by the FCC. This work involved developing a national strategy for making use of broadband infrastructure to improve educational outcomes. Our work led to a set of findings and recommendations that were published in the National Broadband Plan and sent to Congress in mid-March.

  • As the principal of Mixrun, I've worked in a number of sectors including real estate, internet technology, education, venture investment and innovation consulting. Notably I worked with the California Department of Education on a project called Brokers of Expertise, which uses on-line and real world systems to share and build the expertise of educators.* I also worked as the consulting CTO for BizQuest.com, helping to reduce its costs, hire and develop staff, and improve technical performance. BizQuest was subsequently acquired in early 2010.

  • Prior to Mixrun, I served as a Program Manager for the Stupski Foundation for six years, where I designed and implemented various grants for technology in K-12 education. I also worked actively across the country with a number of K-12 Districts and other agencies. I also wrote and co-authored a number of articles and papers while there, including this book chapter with Jeff Wayman and Sam Stringfield, and this article on Open Philanthropy for First Monday.

  • From 1996 to 2001 I worked as Vice President of Engineering and Software Architect for LoopNet Inc., a commercial real estate listing firm. I designed and built LoopNet's technology and web systems from its inception in 1995 (from napkins). I left the company in early 2001 to get involved with non-profit and philanthropic work. LoopNet remains a successful business and was listed on NASDAQ from 2006 to 2012, when it was acquired by another public company.

  • I reside in Berkeley California.

  • I like to contribute to open source software projects including some I've developed from the ground up. I'm currently working on an open source, internet-enabled thermostat, called ThermoRuby. It relies on Raspberry Pi and custom electronics circuits (which I will publish with the final project).
    I've built and open licensed a pure Ruby geocoding solution called GeoX, a simple Ruby image library called MojoMagick and a Ruby Hash Merge technology called DeepMerge (now maintained on Github).

    At various points, I've also been an active participant on the Postgres SQL language group.

    I went to RailsConf 2008 to talk about internet search techniques. I also attended what is perhaps the greatest (as in excellent) programmers conference held to date, called RubyFringe, in Toronto in 2008.

  • Addenda/Errata at misuse.org/science

  • * For more on Brokers of Expertise see the article I wrote for CETPA on this subject.
    Also this video gives a good explanation of how the system currently works.
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